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make me choose: isabela or morrigan asked by couslands


xenophilia: an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs



idk why people don’t love anora more like come on she built a statue of her father overlooking the orlesian embassy



things i absolutely need more of in dai:

  • love interests getting jealous/protective when people hit on the inquisitor




I wanted to do one of these since my follower count inexplicably rose up - since I’ve joined Tumblr, I have made amazing friends, had enriching conversations about pretty much everything, and broadened my perpective on life like you wouldn’t believe. So I figure it’s time for pay-back, because all of you are making my life so much better since I’ve known you. Just to say thank you to you wonderful followers for not only putting up with my ramblings - usually Mac Tir oriented - but just generally being a pretty fantastic bunch of people.


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Good luck everybody, and thank you again for being so wonderful

Soooo apparently this is now a 800 followers giveaway, and I’m throwing in another prize…

This is not dragon age related but it’s an amazing game and you should all try it out so here you go :) To be played via Steam - if you win and don’t have an account, you can always give it to one of your friends!

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Cullen has seen the worst that magic and corruption can do to innocent people. Trained from a young age, he has devoted more than half his life in service to the Templar Order. He saw the Ferelden Circle fall during the Blight and was witness to the mage-templar conflict that tore Kirkwall apart. In the aftermath, it was Cullen who rallied what remained of Kirkwall’s templars to restore order to the devastated city. His leadership and integrity caught the attention of Cassandra Pentaghast, who recognized in him a vital component in forming the Inquisition. Now the world is falling into chaos. Cullen is through waiting for others to act, and he’s determined that the Inquisition will make a difference for the people of Thedas. (x)

make me choosemahariels asked carver or bethany?


Ohoho, Bioware…

What is this I see…?